Everyday Crochet is moving

ATTENTION! This blog at this address will be moving to a new home now under construction at http://dorischancrochet.com/. Everything that used to be here is now... well... there.
So please change your bookmarks and feeds and join me as I boldly go into a custom domain! Thanks for putting up with the inconvenience. If you think this is a pain in the butt for YOU, imagine what a mess this is for ME! :-)

Also, please do not leave comments on older posts here as they will not get published. Make comments on these same posts at the new location. Thank you!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Everyday Crochet is moving!

Speaking as someone who has done her share of moving, this is not going to be fun. Shifting a simple crochet blog from one URL to a new domain cannot be compared to the heavy lifting involved with moving house, but for me the technical aspects of figuring out the new stuff is just as much work as physically packing boxes and loading furniture.  I have moved house perhaps 16 times in my life.  This is my first time moving a stupid blog and it's more aggravating than all those combined.

My new location is much easier to remember, actually, and it more closely matches the way people search for... and eventually stumble onto... my blog.  That's according to the stats. Shoot, I don't know how you guys found me here in the first place since I am so clueless about social media and tags and search engine stuff.  I never want to type in new addresses.  Honestly, I can't visit anywhere on the net without clicking links or copying and pasting URL addresses into the browser because that string of letters, slashes and numbers is all gobbledygook to me.  My eyes sort of glaze over. Bookmarks are my friend. So now I am terrified that nobody will be able to find my new home because I don't know how to tell everyone.  All I can do is pray that you guys remember to update your bookmarks.

Funny how my memory is selective.  I can remember and recite without hesitation my address (including the zip code) and phone number from a home 28 years ago. I can remember the first address I ever had to remember, and that was before there were zip codes. I know the license plate from my second car.  I'm pretty sure I could dial my locker combination from eighth grade but I can't prove that. On the other hand, don't ask me what my current cell phone number is.  Do you have to look at your cell screen to find your own number, too?  My partner has his number scrawled on a bit of tape stuck to the back of his cell.   We do what we have to do.

There was a time when all you really had to have firmly in your head was your home address, one home phone number and maybe your Social Security number.  And, no I wasn't around before there were Social Security numbers.  Today my brain is stretched to the limit with multiple phone numbers, e-mail addresses, usernames, account sign-in names, passwords, PIN numbers. Not one hour of my day goes by when I am not asked for some kind of ID or number.  I know you're never supposed to write all this stuff down or keep it stored anywhere but in your head.  I'm convinced that's why I can't remember what I had for lunch today.  I really believe that there is a finite amount of accessible hard drive memory and that once I reach capacity I can't put anything in there without kicking something out.  So in order to remember my new web domain, I have to lose where I put my glasses.

Therefore, I do not expect any of you to remember where this blog is going, at least not right away.  I plan to leave these pages, posts and links here for a while before shutting down, bye-bye.  So if you keep coming back here because you forget that I have moved, lucky you.  Maybe you're still holding the memory of what you had for lunch!


LeeAnn Purtha said...

I found you through Ravelry.com so don't forget to change your blog address on there! =]

Anonymous said...

I just found you a couple of weeks ago and have an RSS feed set up for your blog (which I have just updated for the new URL). I'm wondering - could you set up a redirect from this page to the new one? I've seen them used before, but never on Blogger.

Good luck with the move.

Unknown said...

Doris, I can really relate about all the numbers, codes, etc. Well life has become almost unmanageable for most of us. I am only 54 and I remember when we still had a party line for our phone. As I wrote that I thought how the name party line. Well it was no fun party at all. We listened in on conversations uaually these ladies who would complain about their health problems like constipation, etc. :D
I read that Google has a site devoted to parents. When the kids come home for a visit their parents always ask them to do all the internet upgrades etc. I laughed when I read that because they are the ones who have grown up with the computer and know about it. Thanks for the laugh. I do hope your mental health stays strong while you are in the midst of this. BTW- I have all your books and I love how practical the patterns are. Arlene